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Decoration with sea sponges

They decorate the space, filter the air
Natural sponges, in addition to their use in the bathroom, can also be used to decorate your home as well as filter the air in the room. Give your space a summer atmosphere with natural sponges.
 Mediterranean sponges

Mediterranean sponges such as Honeycomb, Fina silk, Elephant ear and Tsimouha are very good quality sponges. They are the best types for adults and babies. There are many people who prefer to have these items as decoration around a room, kitchen, bathroom, living room or even bedroom. There is also the option to buy them bleached (yellow) or in their natural color. 
Usually the problem with people who want to get this kind of sponges is the price. Because a decorative sponge must be large, the choice to buy a Mediterranean-type sponge is quite expensive. 
 Caribbean sponges
In the case of decorating a space, for some people quality is not the main priority but appearance, something that has a Caribbean sponge. Their price attracts many people from all over the world who want to decorate their homes or business premises, for example shops with natural products. 

PHYSIS on the island of Kalymnos, is a family business, where the knowledge of sponge making and the trade of sponges, passed as a tradition from generation to generation.
Faced with the crisis, we chose to turn to foreign markets but also to increase our support in the domestic market.

Healthy, natural sponges for every use.
We accept orders from all continents.